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Budget XL Warranty

The Budget XL comes with a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty, for the original owner.

The warranty is for domestic users and most commercial users like schools, it DOES NOT cover Commercial Rental.

The Budget XL is distributed in the UK by Van OS Medical.

How it Works

If you have a problem with your Budget XL, whether it's covered by the Warranty or not, we prefer that you contact us, 01363 881110 sales@specialneedsstrollers.co.uk rather than the manufacturer.

We are experienced with the Budget XL and can often solve problems with advice by telephone or email, but if we are unable to resolve an issue then we can contact Van OS Medical for their help. They take pride in their products and are usually very prompt to resolve any issues.

TIP - we know you have busy lives but five minutes reading the User Manual will avoid some basic problems as well as helping it work best for you. Please don't also forget that you are responsible for ongoing maintenance - tightening of nuts, cleaning and lubrication.

REMEMBER: A manufacturer's warranty is intended to help you if there is fault with the manufacturing workmanship or materials. The warranty will not cover misuse, abuse, neglect, accident or reasonable wear & tear. The Budget XL is designed to provide mobility for a child who cannot walk and who is a co-operative occupant. It is not designed as a 'restraint device' for a child with challenging behaviour who may de-stabilise, break or inflict excessive wear and tear on the pushchair or accessories.

Please note warranty starts on the date of purchase and ends exactly 12 months later, if there is a fault with your pushchair within the first 12 months then the distributor may replace it outright, this replacement does not come with another 12 months warranty, e.g. you have a replacement delivered after 6 months, the replacement now only has 6 months warranty left.

To initiate a warranty claim the manufacturer will need photos of the problem, proof of purchase, and a photo of the serial number on the frame of the buggy which starts with VOMUK (please do not remove the serial number from the buggy as this will invalidate your warranty), below is an example photo of the serial number needed.